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Future Devices

If you have a cell phone, laptop, iPod, iPad, PC, TV, several remotes for your TV, stereo or home entertainment center you'll soon realize how overwhelming it is and how easily these devices can get lost. The solution of course is to put all of these into one small electronic gadget and this is just what future technology devices will do.

Future Devices
future devices

Future devices will incorporate the best practices and top technology of current day emerging technological devices. Imagine, if you can having one hand-held device that can control all of the other devices I have previously mentioned?

This is just what today's manufacturers are trying to do and will someday succeed at. But, also let's supposed that you're not all that good with your hands or have poor eyesight or a disability. Future devices will also be like today's Bluetooth technology in that you'll be able to speak and command your other electronics to perform as you wish.

In the future, robots that do our work for us will be the norm. We will be able to control them automatically or manually. If we control them manually or automate them manually we will do this with either small hand-held electronic controllers or an earpiece and give the robots commands.

Robotic Mouse in the House ...

This is also true for our computers, home appliances, home entertainment centers and anything else electronic that you can imagine inside your house.

Now, when out in public it will get a big trickier since your needs and the power of future technology devices may differ among people. There will need to be a democratic system setup similar to how we obey the traffic laws today.

Only this system for controlling things (such as street lights so we can walk in intersections when there are no cars around) may compete with someone else's needs such as a driver that you didn't see coming around the corner or over the hill.

Electronics and Dining ...

Ordering food from a restaurant with future technology devices will be the norm, too, but you'll still have to wait your turn in the queue as others ahead of you will also be making this request. The good news is that with your future device you'll be able to check out those orders ahead of you, the expected waiting time and your time and distance from a particular restaurant before placing your order.

Of course your future technology device will be wired in as far as GPS is concerned so you'll know geographically where all the restaurants, other stores, homes, and other geographic landmarks are in real time as you travel by foot, car or other means.

Future hologram
Much of our shopping will be done with our small future devices as well. With this device you'll be able to project a hologram that you can physically touch, move, try out in real time before you buy it. Ordering it will be as simple as the press of a button or a vocal command to "buy".

Or you'll be able to project yourself as a hologram and talk to another person such as a store clerk or file a complaint with the supervisor.

You'll also be able to simultaneously know how much money is in your bank account, (before the system of banking is revolutionized) and not go over your limit.

Electronic Democratic Empowerment ...

Future technology devices will empower individuals like never before but remain democratic in their interaction with other devices and the people behind them.


Written by Kevin Lepton