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Future Electronics

Future electronics and gadgets will be way beyond iPads, iPods, iPets and the like though the near future will be filled with these gizmos, gadgets and apps. I foresee one day in the not too distant future iPads, iPods, iPhones and all of the associated apps will be combined into one product. This is the future of electronics.

future electronics
Future Electronics in action

How can this be you ask? Size does matter. Indeed it does and there is a way around the size issue. Future electronics technology dictates that one day soon virtual holographic screens and keyboards will appear on the market.

What this means is that you'll be able to have small piece of hardware the size of a USB drive and it will project a virtual holographic screen, keyboard and keypad that is of the size to your liking. From this virtual image you'll be able to type, dial, surf the Internet, watch TV, movies, listen to music, take photos, find yourself and friends locally through GPS, do facial recognition of strangers, run background checks in real time and other items the imagination can't quite grasp right now.

But future electronics will not be all about one product as there will be many open source technological products in the marketplace from which to choose. While walking or hiking would you like to scout out the area ahead? Well, you'll be able to do this with your own personal drone.

Mini Copters ...

Miniature helicopters and airplanes will become so sophisticated and automated you'll be able have them take real time video and do your scouting from miles away. Even while in your car, your vehicle will communicate with these drones about traffic conditions, crowdedness of restaurants, who is at work or school already and too many functions to list.

Decades beyond this your future electronics will be a small device that you'll think into and this will do away with the virtual holographic keyboard, screen and keypad. Think this is farfetched? Humans can already think into computers and do quite complex tasks using current technology. The human brain is made up of billions of neurons running complex electrical processes every nanosecond.

But, let's not get too far ahead of ourselves yet and only go into the foreseeable future of electronics. Within the next decade, Wii and XBox will join forces along with an MIT development of a "Personal Global Playing Area". What this means first is that all Wii-XBox games will be experiential so no matter whether it's Call of Duty or a game of golf, you'll be actively and experientially involved.

Suspended Animation ...

The second part of this is that you'll be suspended inside of your personal 360-degree globe where you can run, fall, do summersaults and other stunts in real time without getting injured. This will be 3D, HD interactive play at its finest. This will be quite the opposite of a sensory deprivation chamber and more like a sensory stimulation globe.

In your personal globe you'll also be able to switch to doing work if needed, talk to friends, and take a 3D vacation. No "Total Recall" movie here as you'll have control of stepping into or out of your virtual world at will.

Future electronics also dictate that with your small electronic device you'll be able to control the every move of your robotic personal assistant. Not only that, but a decade after this robots will go semi-holographic in that you'll be able to project them when and where you want them and have them do tasks that they physically will be able to do in the real world.

For instance, you'll be able to project your holographic robot from your personal electronic device and have it cook you a meal, prepare your bed, or do what little laundry you'll have at this time. Your hologram robot will have physical properties and will be able to move objects and do other physical tasks. When finished you'll be able to recall your personal robot into your small electronic device and go on with your business.

Future electronics will continue to evolve, mutate and integrate with one's brainwaves and neurological being. Practical and ethical dilemmas will slow progress but only for so long. Electronics integrated into one's body will be inevitable, but then progress past this point will take place and future electronics will no longer be necessary inside or attached to one's body.

As you already know, the future of electronics changes rapidly. Gadgets, gizmos, computer hardware, software, biology, genetics are all quickly changing fields which are moving together at a rapid pace.

Laptop Antiques ...

In only a few years time, the invention of the laptop will be on par with us looking back at the invention of the printing press or steamboat. Newborns of today will grow up in a vastly more personally power electronic world than we can even imagine today. And they won't even realize the here and now as we know it.

Written by Kevin Lepton