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Future Energy

It's no secret that the Earth is running out of fossil fuels and that some argue we have already passed peak oil. The major oil companies want to extract every last drop of oil inside the planet because that is their business model. The same is true for coal companies and natural gas companies as well.

Future Energy
Future Energy

But, the future energy model for mankind will be different from dependency upon fossil fuels with other energy sources leading the way. Alternative energy in the future will become mainstreamed with oil, coal and natural gas fading off into the sunset.

Two of the largest suppliers of energy outside of the Earth's atmosphere will be major players in the future energy supplies for mankind. Energy from the sun is almost limitless during the daytime and the moon has a significant gravitational energy that influences the tides.

So, looking into the future a bit, solar energy, wind energy (really a part of solar) and wave energy from large bodies of water will play a significant role. Right now, as human beings we don't do nearly enough to capture, contain and store the energy resources that surround us constantly.

Forget About It ...

Forget about the typical renewable energy sources for a moment of wind, solar, geothermal, hydro and bio-energy. Let's talk instead about some of the most powerful forces of nature of which only a miniscule percentage is being captured.

Future energy development will be focused on capturing the forces of Mother Nature such as hurricane winds and storm surges, tsunamis, tornado energy, lightning strikes, the jet stream, volcanic energy, earthquakes, floods, wildfires and even avalanches and landslides.

In the near future, as is the case right now, we will not be able to control Mother Nature and the storms she brings upon us. But, as we build bigger and more robust devices for capturing and storing "storm energy" (which will be at first considered alternative energy), this will help to ease the increased power demands of the Earth's growing population.

For a moment consider the use of ultra-robust wind turbines in hurricane alley that store the wind energy at its peak. The same can be said for off-shore and on-shore wave energy mechanisms that capture and safely store the energy from the most violent storms and storm surges.

Also consider high flying "electricity balloons" that capture inter-cloud lightning strikes during monsoon season. Now to switch gears a moment lets talk about some other future energy sources that are now considered "not for prime time" but have been under development for a while.

Future Nuclear Fusion
Future energy from nuclear fusion, gravity and anti-gravity, magnets and electromagnets, plasma and zero point energy are just a few of the promising technologies of today that will be major players tomorrow.
Of the sources I've just listed, fusion may just be the game changer in future energy development. When the ITER project finally proves that more energy can be created than consumed and done in a safe manner, then this will spawn the commercialism of the Age of Fusion.

Of course the Age of Fusion may also loosely parallel the Age of Traditional Renewable Energy and the Age of Storm Energy Capture. Even though future energy will involve advanced methods of conservation, this will ultimately be a losing battle. Conservation will slow down the need for more energy temporarily only for the so-called dam to burst at one point and with an explosive needs for more energy to support human life on Earth plus our adventures to low earth orbit and beyond.

Written by Kevin Lepton