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Future Inventions

Future inventions will both make life easier and save energy. Let's start first with the future inventions that will make life easier.

Robotic Surgery
Futuristic Invention for Surgery

One of the future inventions that is progressing is the use of robotic surgery. Having robots do routine surgery such as remove moles plus mold and implant caps on teeth will be nothing. One of the future inventions that will be considered disruptive technology is robots doing major surgery.

Robots in the surgical rooms will be equipped with compact X-rays, MRI machines, lasers, scalpels and other equipment. They will be able to draw blood, collect urine, and analyze the data against huge medical databases. They will make diagnoses and conduct treatment much more quickly than is humanly possible.

Down on the Pharma ...

In the not so distant future there will be a comparison website for pharmaceutical prices that is real, robust, fair and democratic. With this future invention you'll be able to compare prescribed drug prices locally instead of driving to each individual pharmacy and doing comparison shopping this inefficient and ineffective way.

The "addiction pill" will be developed as one of the most important of the future inventions of our time. People who suffer from a wide variety of addictions from substance abuse to Internet addictions to relationship addictions will be treated with pills that either excite or inhibit parts of the brain responsible for both feelings and behavior.

Robot Created Using Current 3D Printing Technology

Another of the future inventions that will be high on the coolness factor is 3D printers. Already, scientists are using inkjet printers to lay down solar cells for energy and microscopic cells for medical research. This is happening now. In the not too distant future, however, the 3D printer invention will enable viewers to change different angles of the paper and see other sides to objects. Magazines may be the first to employ this followed by home printers.

GPS shoes, clothing, glasses, TV remote, cell phones (even when turned off) will all be future inventions that will make life easier and they will all be networked. If you don't know where your child is you can look up their GPS cloths on laptop, desktop or cell phone. If you don't know where your glasses are or where the TV remote is you can do the same.

Where's My Google Glasses?

And if you can no longer see your future gadgets then you may receive an artificial eye or two implanted by robotic surgery. No longer will you need to wait for a donor to expire, but artificial robotic eyes will be available at your own pharmacy (by prescription of course). Think that this is too science fiction for you? Right now scanners can turn pictures into braille. The human mind can control personal computers and robotic eyes are just an inch away from being a reality.

A future invention whose time has come is the development of a world currency. Sure, the Euro is a good start, but either expanding this or developing a new currency that can be used anywhere will help consumers travel and buy anywhere they like with ease.

On other pages on this site I've already talked about the future invention of facial recognition home security software. Cameras outside the house and inside the house can record, detect and recognize friend from foe.

Facial Recognition Software
It will be able to run people's faces against a database of criminals as well as give a history of that person and even pull up their different social media accounts, work history and even more personal history. If you think this is farfetched check out Google Goggles and you'll a glimpse of this technology in action.

Space tourism is one of those future inventions that is almost here. In fact, in a way it is here as several so-called tourists have made it to the International Space Station. What will happen though in the next couple of years is that tours to low earth orbit (LEO) will be conducted routinely and economically like rides in Disneyland or upon a cruise ship.

One of the future inventions that scientists are working on now that could be revolutionary is wireless electric car recharging on roads. Right now the technology is there for buses to run automated routes wirelessly with transmitters in the road every several feet. Also, there have been prototypes built embedding solar panels in the highways and byways to create energy.

Charging Ahead ...

But this energy and automated navigation could also be applied to electric cars as well. Wireless recharging for home devices is already happening. And not too far ahead this will be on the roadways for electric cars as well. This will not only make life easier but will also be done in a green and energy saving manner.

Now, to continue on with this thread about future inventions that will save energy, let's talk about some competing technology of hydrogen cars. Hydrogen car zero emission prototypes are here right now. And most of them are either hybrid or plug-in hybrids as well. The advantage of a plug-in hybrid hydrogen fuel cell car is range and refueling time. This technology could compete with wireless recharging of electric cars.

Future Hydrogen Car

Inventions for the near future will include smart energy savers for home electronics. Right now, peripheral devices plugged into home electric sockets continue to suck down energy even when not in use. In fact, Bill Nye the Science Guy has said on CNN that 8-percent of all household electric usage is due to this kind of peripheral usage.

In the future some young inventor will come up with a way to save this power, by shutting down these peripherals and the power to them either through smart home technology or a combination that includes technology inside the peripheral itself.

Smart Neural Grid ...

There has been much talk about an Internet neural network, which of course will be one of the wildest future inventions in regard to communications. And part of this will be the worldwide smart neural network power grid, based upon green energy, which will allocate resources where they are need to each continent.

Some of this will be done through cables, fiber optics and power lines but advancing past that will be the use of lasers, lasers in satellites, ultrasonic transmissions and wireless electricity.

People have been seeking and working on free energy sources for hundreds of years. In one of the most astounding groundbreaking and disruptive technologies we will get it.

High energy but not yet free

Free energy from electromagnetic motors will free us from our dependence upon foreign oil and the national power companies.

Before we finally get to this free energy source, however, we will have to go down the path of solar, wind, geothermal, smart grids, electrified highways and other sources of almost free energy. The final missing piece will be the future inventions that will lead to free energy through electromagnetic fields including large and small motors.

Of course, these future inventions are only predictions. Even Nostradamus gets it wrong on occasion. But, if you think these are wild, wacky and never will happen, then you need to check on what engineers and scientists are working on right now. In fact, they are working on all of these future inventions right now. In a few years time, will see how the progress goes.


Written by Kevin Lepton