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Future Movies

If you've come to this web page looking for movies that will be playing in the near future then you may as well hit the Back button and leave right now. This page is about revolutionary future movies and the technology behind them.

Future Movies
Future Movies

Like other industries the movie making industry of the future will be hammered with disruptive technology. This disruptive technology will forever change the moviegoer's life.

In fact, future movies will be played in smaller, more prevalent decentralized theatres across the country. Large movie theatres will not go away entirely but they will be added to the mix of smaller theatres inside many malls and even convenience stores that are able to hold 1 to 8 people and play the most current movies on demand as well as a huge database of older movies as well.

If you're in a hurry, you can start watching a movie in one of these booths, download them onto your personal iPod, iPad, laptop, cell phone, blackberry or the newest personal electronic device and take them with you. As the future advances even more, these movies can be downloaded into a special section of your brain for storage and you'll have access via total recall to these movies on demand.

You Feel Like You Were Actually IN the Movie ...

Future movies will be virtual experiences as well. In the decentralized versions you'll be able place yourself as an avatar inside the version of the movie you are in. You'll be able to limit the number of other avatars in the particular future movie you are watching.

If you don't like this particular crowd, you can easily jump to the same point of the flick in another future movie and join in with another crowd. Approximately 10 years beyond this there will be participatory future movies where you will not only be able to step into the picture as an avatar but become one of the caste of actors in it and join in the plot with the other directors and actors.

Think of this as a kind of virtual workshop for actors and fans to join together and improvise the movie in the making. This Karaoke approach will appeal to many who don't like to be passive in the movie experience but would rather join it. If you would rather remain passive, then you can do so and watch a different version of the future movie that is non-participatory from the fans. Or you will be able switch between both venues at will.

Future Movie
Of course, future movies will be HD, 3D with full motion and sensory appeal. Both live streaming and immediate playback will be offered.

Future movies will hit large theatres, small personal public theatres, home theatres and personal electronic devices at the same time.

Future movies will also join with social media where you won't need a Hollywood studio to create a wonderful picture. In the future anyone can post their own homemade movie on today's equivalent of Youtube, Facebook or Myspace.

Friends and the public at large will be given permissions to alter these movies, join in, be excluded from or work on them as a large group project. Different versions of these social media movies will go viral as excellence will be achieved through group effort.

The same technology as stated above will be afforded the masses so that Hollywood no longer has a stranglehold on how future movies are made and distributed including the large budgets and advertising campaigns behind them. Think of how the music industry has changed on the Internet in the past few years and you'll get a glimpse of things to come for the future movie industry as well.

Social Media Meets Virtual Reality ...

Future movies will be more democratic through social media in shared creation and enjoyment of the flicks. Just as Wikipedia has created a more accurate dictionary than Miriam Webster, using the power of the people at large, future movies will be transformed through this same collective conscious engagement and experience.

Future movies of the next generation will far surpass the current generation, not only in technology but in shared experience as well.


Written by Kevin Lepton