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Future Wireless Technology

The future of wireless technology is not just the use of WiFi hotspots for networking computers and I'll tell you why in a minute. In fact, I'll tell you what we have now and where future wireless technology is heading.

Future Wireless Technology
Future wirelss technology at work.

Right now it is true that we have WiFi hotspots at home, coffee houses, hotels, airports and even cities. And the WiFi network system is constantly expanding. But wireless and Wifi are not synonymous.

Some cell phones for instance may use WiFi hotspots or they may use more traditional means of wireless transmission. In fact the first wireless technology in widespread use was the radio. But, tech has changed at a rapid pace since the invention of the radio in the late 1800's.

Today's wireless technology can be used for satellite communications including voice and picture. Satellite TV is a good example here. And, some other technology that is now wireless is the recharging of batteries.

There are many products on the market now such as wireless recharging pads for cell phones, laptops, iPads, iPods and other small electronic devices. Now the future of wireless technology of this sort is expanding to including larger devices including the transportation system.

It's Not a Dodge Charger, Or Is It?

Scientists and engineers are working on wireless recharging of electric cars (pictured at bottom of page), buses and trolleys. One group of researchers is developing a solar / wireless recharging system for roadways that will use renewable energy to recharge vehicles as they pass over the recharging panels embedded in the road.

Future wireless technology also includes laser communications systems. This is similar to fiber optic communication (which most would considered to be "wired" tech). But, instead, laser communication, which is here now, and involves using a beam of intense light through space, will only continue to expand in the future.

Laser Satellite Communications

Light waves, sound waves, compression waves, electromagnetic energy, microwaves, radio frequency, infrared light, visible light, acoustic energy and ultraviolet light are just a few of the wireless technologies available today.

Some other wireless areas to watch as they emerge are superconducting technology, high altitude platform systems, Wireless Sensor Network technologies and super WiMAX technology. Future wireless technology will expand upon all of these areas.

For instance satellites and spacecraft including space tourism rockets and planes, the International space station and space vehicles that travel to the Moon, Mars, Venus, the Sun and other celestial bodies will expand their use of lasers for communication as well as defense against objects in space be it space junk, asteroids or even other Earthly and non-Earthly spacecraft.

EV Wireless Recharging
EV (electric vehicle) wireless recharging.

In medicine, wired technology is already transitioning to future wireless technology. Since the neurons in the brain work by electrochemical reactions these can be used by people with disabilities to control computers in the present. Right now, some wires are involved, but in the future this will become a completely wireless situation.

In the medical science lab and on the brain surgeon's operating table, electrodes are still used to gather information and to heal patients. Future wireless technology dictates that one day not too far ahead of us this will become totally wireless as well. Different types of energy already mentioned will be used in place of invasive electrodes to further science in the lab and help heal people in hospitals.

Continuum ...

So, you see the future of wireless technology has both breadth and depth. Communications, weaponry, surgery, research and many other areas will be transformed by the leading edge wireless technology that researchers are working on now. The emerging tech happening right now will become mainstream as future wireless technology will be both disruptive and transformative in a healthy way only a few years from now.


Written by Kevin Lepton